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Mary Wohl Haan and Haan Dances

Press Quotes on Mary Wohl Haan / HAAN Dances

"Haan herself continues to amaze in her abilities to find new places to go in choreography and dance."
"Haan’s choreography is always complete and this concert was a wonderful counterpoint to other Fringe activity that so often strives for the weird and non-politically correct. Haan herself is a very brave performer, never shunning vulnerability, and the dancers she chose to embody her choreography in this concert were most skilled and appropriate
. -Don Atwood, www.worlddancereviews.com

“…a lyrical fury.” “Haan is an actress as well as a dancer.” -CHICAGO READER

"...a return of Mary Wohl Haan in Mordine's solo "Early Being" was graced by the veteran dancer's experience, maturity and iridescent vulnerability." -Sid Smith, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, December 2009

“…lush, supple movement, imbued with strength, wisdom and maturity.” -THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

“Alone, valiant and willing to be expressive…”
“…the mystery and magic of pure on-stage, visceral energy.”
“…her skill and charm as a performer will endear her audiences and give them an understanding of how dance can speak.”
“…Wohl Haan’s facial expression alone is enough to warrant the ticket price.”

“…elegant and polished…eccentric moves and an elastic face.”
“No other dancer can move quite the way she does…”

Audience review after One Voice - Fearless!
“Fearless” is right. Last night Ms Wohl Hann masterfully placed herself exactly in the emotional center of six very different pieces (stories) with what seemed such ease. That’s where the art is and we see she knows it.
Mary’s physical facility, execution and smart use of space is a joy to behold. Right away you understand why she is a brilliant choreographer. We are so fortunate to have her presence and delightfully intelligent point of view here in Boulder.

Comment posted on 9-20-2013 by MH

Comments from peers and colleagues
“Words that come to mind in describing Mary’s work and working with her are evocative…soul-ful…rich…full of depth, something is always going on beneath the surface compelling me.” -Nancy Cranbourne, Dancer/Actress/Director of 40 Women Over 40 Dance Company

“Exuberant physicality founded in a thoughtful interaction with the world and combined with exquisitely interesting taste in music.” -Sue Coffee, Artistic Director of Boulder’s Sound Circle and Resonance Women’s Choir

“Mary Wohl Haan is a versatile performer and master choreographer. …a technically polished dancer whose movement vocabulary ranges from luscious to quirky, texturally abstract to emotionally evocative. Sometimes moved to tears, sometimes laughing out loud, Mary’s work always leaves me feeling saturated with the richness of human experience.” - Lyra Mayfield, Co-Artistic Director of Open Door Dance Theater


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