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Postings on 12 @ 12

this project took place in 2011 on Boulder's Pearl St. Mall.

HAAN Dances 12 @ 12
Summer Outdoor Project
Co-sponsored by the Boulder Fringe Festival

The project finished it's 12 day run on Sunday, August 28, 2011. Wonderful run from start to finish.
It was lovely to see how many audience members came back and enjoyed the variations-on-a-theme day to day. Thanks Boulder! And a BIG thank you to my dancers - each one so special.

Check here for thoughts, photos or video links.
More on the way...
Video of Final Day, Aug. 28 taken by Jerry Hunter as he circled the action!

Birds-eye view video 8/25/11 taken by James Johnson (turn up the volume to check out the music he added)

Video of Opening day, taken by Jamie Ryan-Karels

Fringe Blogger Dan Taslitz wrote a review

Susan Froyd's Show & Tell Blog for Westword

Fringe review - SaL says: Overall Rating: Excellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 starsExcellent - 5 stars
Everyday bodies expressing the joy of movement, fellowship, moments of spontaneity and connection. It is a blessing to be together, to move, to construct patterns underneath the August sun. Don’t miss this daily treat! Comment posted on 8-27-2011

On the fringe of the Boulder International Fringe Festival, this twelve-minute work by choreographer Mary Wohl Haan used the natural exuberance and physicality so expressive of living out West to explore our place in community.

Audiences brought their cameras, I-Phones, videos and other recording devicse and sent images and thoughts out to others as we spread the love! Check above for some of the links.

Local dancers include: Jen Archer, Laurie Clark, Linda Coons, Vanessa Gerhards, Lynn Israel, Barbara Javors, Liliane Kupper, Paola Osma, Peg Posnick, Victoria Robertson, Jamie Ryan-Karels, Tomas Waples, Mary Willmeng & Priscilla Young. Come see what magic they produce as they surprise passersby on the Pearl St. Mall (1300 Blk) in front of the Court House in downtown Boulder, CO.

(This outreach project sprang from Mary's solo endeavor last October when she danced on the Mall every day at 10 a.m.for ten minutes. Rain or shine it was such a blast that she knew she needed to share-the-love with a bigger group of dancers. Check out some of the photos and video from last years' 10@10 project.)

Special thanks to Chris Aamot for t-shirt design, and to dancers Paola, Vanessa & Liliane for their video skills to keep us on track during rehearsals.

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Audiences, Photo by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11

Reaching arms, Barb, Victoria and others, 8/27/11

Mary Wohl Haan + Ensemble = FUN!
Rating: G for all audiences. Warning: Bring Sunscreen! Boulder Fringe Festival.

Great photos below too!


Group turning, photo by Angie Rio 8/24/11


Great shapes Lili & Mary, photo by Angie Rio 8/24/11


Tomas, Victoria & Jamie, photo by AngieRio 8/24/11
MWH dancing, photo by Angie Rio

Barb leaping,Photo by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11


Jen & Linda (Lili in back,Photo by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11)
Lynn, Victoria, Priscilla, Tomas lifting on high,Photo by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11

HighsteppingLinda,Victoria, Tomas high stepping, Photos by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11

Mary in the moment, Photo by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11

Tomas, Victoria & Jen twirling, Photo by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11
MWH & Jamie with little one passing by, photo by Angie Rio 8/24/11

Paola & Lynn, Photo by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11


Lili solo, Photo by Trevor Alyn, 8/21/11

Paola Flying

Tomas & Paola (flying!)
Performing 8/21/11
Photo by Jessica Garcia


Great shapes
Laurie, Jen, Linda, Peg - Great shapes, photo by Angie /24/11
Laurie & Lynn
Laurie, Mary & Lynn 8/21/2011

Lynn & Barbara Performing 8/19/11


CirclingCircling one another Victoria & Priscilla, Mary & Lili, 8/19/11

Group with Jen in front
Jen leading the group, 8/19/11
Fringe logo

Barb with People watching 8/21/2011, photo by Jessica Garcia

Tomas with group
8/20/11 Priscilla & Tomas

Photos from some of our 1st rehearsals for the 12 @ 12 Outdoor Group Project

Group waving
A group of the dancers waving to audience photo by Angie 8/24/11


Getting ready to start

VanessaVanessa looking good! 8/27/11

Peg & Linda
Peg & Linda 8/27/11

Jen Jen in ecstasy 8/27/11Laurie & Group Laurie leading the group 8/27/11Vanessa, lynnVanessa, Mary, Lynn & Tomas 8/27/11 Leg upGroup with leg up
Photos by MWH

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