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Postings for 12 @ 12: Round 2

please check back again becuase we have more links and photos coming form audiences.

HAAN Dances 12 @ 12: Round 2
2012 Summer Outdoor Project

HAAN Dances 12 @ 12: Round 2
August 15 - 26
Each day of the 2012 Boulder Fringe Festival
A 12 minute dance and sound experiment at 12 noon
Pearl St. Mall, 1100 Block

(near Split Rock Sculpture, Boulder Bookstore & Crocs)

Dance & sound with brick & mortar!
Mary Wohl Haan + Guest Artists = FUN!
FREE! Tips welcome!

HAAN Dances and the Boulder International Fringe Festival are teaming up once again this summer with fun special programming in downtown Boulder. HAAN Dances will present "12 @ 12: Round 2" - a 12-minute dance at 12 noon for the 12 days of the Fringe! This outdoor project showcases a variety of guest artists - dancers, musicians & singers - mixing it up with choreographed and improvised abandon. Performing August 15 thru 26, they'll hit-the-bricks on the 1100 block of the Pearl St. Mall (near the Split Rock Sculpture, Boulder Bookstore & Crocs).

With a new configuration of participants each day, an artist statement unique to those involved will be created as they capture the glorious nature of dancing outside, the art of listening and collaboration, playing to the spatial structure of the mall, and relating to the audiences who gather. Audiences are encouraged to come often!

Check below for thoughts, photos or video links as audiences send in there impressions.

If you saw us perform, please go online at the Boulder Fringe to RATE this event.


This outreach project sprang from Mary's solo endeavor in October 2010 when she danced on the Pearl St. Mall in downtown Boulder every day at 10 a.m.for ten minutes, HAAN Dances:10 @ 10.
In 2011, she gathered a group of dancers for HAAN Dances:12 @ 12. 12 dancers at 12 noon in a 12 minute dance for the 12 days of the Boulder Fringe Festival. Check out some of the photos and video from each project by clicking the links
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12 @ 12 Round 2 postcard

Artists included: Becky Aamot, Sarah Bowers, Sabrina Cavins, Laurie Clark,
Gary Grundei, Theron Haan, Nakita Kawal, Sandra Laursen, Bonnie Lavelle, Sandra Levitt, Eve Maisonpierre, Celeste Niehaus, Peg Posnick,
Jamie Ryan-Karels, Tom Weiser, Mary Willmeng & Mary Wohl Haan.

Artists vary each day - stop by often.
Rating: G for all audiences.
Warning: Bring Sunscreen!

Bring your camera or I-phone and send photos to us.


Performances just finished - August 26 and they were a hit with audiences!!!

See photos below - check back as more are added.
Links to videos from various days will appear here.
A 10 minute video came to us by way of Ann & Dave Janis from 8/18/12 - thanks!


DAY #1 Vocalists: Tom, Sandra & Becky. Dancers: Peg, Sarah, Sandra, Laurie & Theron. WOW!!! (photos by MWH)

Peg & Sarah

Group of dancers

Laurie, Theron, Sandra, Peg & Sarah
Audience & Dancers Audiences watching Laurie

Lauie dancing solo
SandraSandra dancing Trio of singers
Vocalists Day #! 1:Tom, Sandra & Becky
Theron & Peg
Theron & Peg playin'

Group finishing

The final group moment

Day # 2 Vocalists: Becky, Sandra & Eve. Dancers: Jamie, Laurie, Sabrina, Sandra, Peg & MaryWH.
The Crew Sandra (in purple & white)
Here's everyone from Day 2 watching Jamie & Sabrina
Sandra staying warm in purplr & white

(photo: Mary Fowler)


Day # 3: Vocalists: Nakita, Tom, Sandra & Eve. Dancers: Theron, Sarah, Sandra, Peg, Laurie & Jamie. (photos by MWH)

Jamie dancing!!!


Everyone helpingJamie Everyone helping Jamie!


On the mall
Crowds on the mall watching Day # 3.
Dancers & crowds
Dancers & crowds.


Jamie, Sarah & Peg reaching

TogetherTheron, Sarah, Peg & Jamie

near the end
Nearing the end! Sandra, Peg & Sandra up front

Photo from Marie Bush (mariebush.com)

The group watching Jamie
The group waching Jamie

Photo by Marie Bush




Photo by Marie Bush


Jamie, Peg & Laurie
Jamie, Peg & Laurie



Photo by Marie Bush











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