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HAAN Dances 2016 happenings

Winter 2017 Projects:

I have reset my solo "Thoart Song" on a lovely dancer, Mallory Hochwender. She dances with Judy Bejarano's IMPACT Dance Copany in Fort Collins, CO. The piece will be performed as part of the IMPACT Dance Company event on Friday, Feb. 17 @ 7 p.m. & Saturday, Feb. 18 @ 9 p.m. at The Music District, 639 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524. Directions. Tickets.

IMPACT Dance Comapany concert

Join IMPACT and several area musicians for a performance and conversation exploring the intimate relationship between dance and music. The performances will feature Bejarano's work as well as that of several guest choreographers and musicians. Between the dances, the artists will share with the audience their intention, the evolution of the collaboration and a glimpse into the rehearsal process. The choreographic work and music presented will be diverse; ranging from classical instrumentation, to improvisation and live vocalization.

Choreography by Judy Bejarano, company members, Susie Garifi, Maggie Jung,, Amber Mazurana, Jenna Smith and special guests Alicia Laumann, Analia Alegre-Feminias and Mary Wohl Haan. I am thrilled to join the other talented choreographers and artists at the Music District. Hope you can join us!
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October 2016 Performances:

"Performance on the Perimter"
Friday & Saturday, October 21 & 22, 7:30 p.m. at Community Dance Collective, Boulder

Dance artists Mary Wohl Haan and Peg Posnick are merging their collective talents to present new explorations and work in the up close and personal Community Dance Collective. While supporting one another's creative process, each choreographer will bring a unique movement sensibility and perspective that will highlight both the inherent vulnerability of dance and their individual voices as solo artists.  Guest artist Ariel Haan is contributing to their work with spoken word and voice.

Mary and Peg have been friends for years and were interested in showing work in a non-traditional setting. These two concerts at the Community Dance Collective in Boulder give them a certain intimacy they each feel serves their performance sensibilities. Mary had also asked her daughter to explore an idea using recorded sound with Ariel vocalizing live over the track. Add to this poems and other spoken word in work by both choreographers, and Ariel has become an integral part of the program. Tickets: $15 at the door. Limited seating, arrive early.
Contact Mary for more info.

Mary, Ariel & Peg
Photos by Brian Haan

Performance on the Perimeter will be using "Venue in a Box" from the Boulder Fringe to supply technical needs for this studio concert. Contact info@boulderfringe.com (subject line: Venue in a Box) for details on how you can use this resource to make non-traditional and excited alternative spaces into venues for your events..


Updates to this site will take place this winter with links to new dance-for-camera work and more.


Check out the Presenting Denver article
written by Jane E. Werle on Mary Wohl Haan
for their 2016 In the Spotlight this past spring.
Thanks presentingdenver.org.

Photo by Jamie Kraus Photography


The Carson-Brierly-Giffin Dance Library chose
Mary Wohl Haan as one of their
2012 'Legend of Dance in Colorado' honorees,
recognizing her work as choreographer, performer,
teacher, arts administrator and community leader.
The CBG Dance Library is located in the Anderson Academic
Commons at the University of Denver in their
Collections & Archives.


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HAAN Dances - Dance for Camera Works:

101, 202 & 303 A series of three short dance-for-camera pieces about a character and it's alter-ego/fantasies.

303: A Good Day in the Field (2013)
Video image from 303





202:Off Shore(2010)

101:Having Fun(2006)













ALONE is a contemplative look at aging - a glimpse into the beauty and sense of aloneness we might see in the changing seasons of our lives.

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